Updates to PEBT Cards
Updates to PEBT Cards
Lancaster County Public Schools
Thursday, October 15, 2020

Information from the VDOE Office of School Nutrition Regarding PEBT Cards:

Because LCPS has now qualified as a CEP school system,  all households of students will be receiving a PEBT card. If you received a PEBT card in the spring, you will receive remote PEBT on the same account used for original PEBT and will not receive a new card. Households that are newly eligible for PEBT or could not be matched to the spring PEBT data are receiving new PEBT cards via the US mail. The new cards are being issued on a rolling basis and not all will be received in the mail this week. Additional cardstock was required and the target date for all households to receive the cards has been moved to November 13, 2020. 

If you received a card in the spring you can check your existing PEBT account using ConnectEBT. Instructions are below. ConnectEBT should also be used to request a replacement card if you threw your old one away

Households should submit other questions about PEBT in writing to DSS on the PEBT web portal.

Call 1-866-281-2448, logon to https://www.connectebt.com/, or download the ConnectEBT app on a mobile device.  

P-EBT card accounts did not use the parent/guardian's Social Security Number (SSN) or the parent/guardian's date of birth (DOB). When P-EBT households use the automated system, (phone, website, or mobile app) to request a replacement card or access account information, they should use the following information at each step.

  • "Enter P-EBT card number" - for replacement card, bypass by pressing "2" to use personal information.
  • "Enter primary cardholder's SSN" - all PEBT cardholders must enter 000000000, not their own SSN.
  • "Enter primary cardholders DOB" - all P-EBT cardholders should enter student>span class="gmail_default">'s DOB, if there was more than one student's benefits on the card. It is the same student DOB that was used to PIN the card.
  • "Enter PIN" - PEBT cardholders should enter the PIN of the card they are seeking to replace.