August 18, 2020

Good Evening LCPS Families,

I wanted to take a moment to reach out to our families to remind you of our virtual open houses tomorrow and Thursday. You will learn what to expect with virtual learning this year and how to get started. The links to join are available on our website and on our Facebook pages. 

To best accommodate our families, our learning plan does not require students to logon for learning at specific times of the day. Your family can determine the best times of day in which your children logon to their courses.  Also, each family will be contacted to ensure they can access Canvas and are aware of resources so support can be accessed when questions arise. 

We understand that this is as new for you as it is for us. We will be patient and ask that you do the same. We will support you and your family in getting started; please don’t worry. 

I encourage you to attend the virtual open houses and also to explore our website, particularly the ‘Student and Parent Resource’ page. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your school if you have any questions, concerns or just need some guidance with online learning. We are here to help you. Together, we will make this a meaningful learning experience for your children. 

Dan Russell

LCPS Superintendent