Online Resources for Students

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The following resources can be accessed at home for additional support. Most online support tools can be accessed through Clever.

Clever allows students to sign into multiple programs using only one login.

  • Usernames for students are their lunch number.

    • For example, John Smith's lunch number is 1234, so his username is 1234

  • Passwords for students are their birthday in the M/D/YYYY format

    • For example, John Smith's birthday is July 9th, 2025, so his password is 7/9/2025

Some teachers have additional resources linked in the Clever classrooms!





Programs with a * are ones that can be accessed using Clever

Programs with a ^ can be accessed using Google (student's email and password)

Programs with a + require a specific username and password, please contact your child's teacher for that.

Programs with no notation do not require a login.