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Here are some tips to help you support your child during this time:

  • Establish routines and expectations.
  • Balance screen time and non-screen time activities.
  • Students should take brain breaks and move regularly as they study.
  • Discuss what your child is learning and ask questions.
  • Establish times for quiet and reflection.
  • Remain mindful of your child’s stress.

IXL:  Please use your school login information. If you are in need of help with login information, please email login@lcs.k12.va.us with student name and program. 

Resources will be periodically added to this page.

IXL Reading, Math, Science and Social StudiesKhan Academy (Sign up for free)
Khan Academy Daily Learning Activties (K-12)Math Is Fun
J-Labs Math & Science Education (2nd-12th)Math Open Reference
Scholastic (Free K-9)WideOpenSchool
Audible Stories: Click on a book and listen!TV Classroom: Daily Lessons on public TV from 1pm-3pm. Click on this link to get stations and schedules.
Ducksters Education (History, Science, Geography, Economics)VDOE Parent/Caregivers Resource: Social Emotional Wellness Considerations for Children