"Welcome to Lancaster Early Childhood Education Center" with a picture of the front of the ECEC building

235 School St, Kilmarnock, VA 22482

804-462-5100 ext 5103

Important Information

Our Vision

Our mission is to establish a Public-Private partnership to provide an inclusive quality education center for our children prior to entering kindergarten. It is the goal of LCPS and NN YMCA to serve as many students in Lancaster County through a collaborative 3 & 4 year old program. Working together, we will utilize shared resources to provide quality early intervention and instruction. Our center will include a diverse group of children learning through a holistic approach.

Drop Off & Pick Up Locations

Map detailing Pick Up and Drop Off Information

With the current construction project and the opening of the Early Childhood Education Center, we have a new location for the Student Drop Off/Pick Up for Pre School students and grades 5-7. This will be starting on January 3rd. Please see the map for more details.

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