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Lancaster High School Athletic Rules & Expectations 

The overall objective of the athletic program at Lancaster High School is to provide an opportunity for student participation in properly supervised and controlled activities under the guidelines set forth by the Virginia High School League and the Lancaster County School Board.

Rules Governing Athletic Participation at Lancaster High School 

Lancaster High School student/athletes are expected to refrain from using and/or possessing alcohol, drugs or tobacco products. The following consequences will be administered if violations occur in these areas: 

I. Possession/Use of Tobacco Products 

On School Grounds: 

  1. Team Suspension – 5 days (team suspension starts after student returns from any school suspension)

  2. 10 hours athletic service 

Off School Grounds: (Violation must be witnessed by coach or Lancaster High School employee and reported to the athletic director) 

  1. Team Suspension – 2 days 

  2. 5 hours athletic service 

II. Drug/Alcohol – Use or Possession 

On School Grounds (including trips, etc.): 

  1. Dismissal from team 

  2. No athletic participation for 60 days (team suspension starts after student returns from any school suspension) 

  3. Referral to school administration 

Off School Grounds: - (Violation must be witnessed by coach or Lancaster High School employee and reported to athletic director) 

  1. Team suspension – 10 days (team suspension starts after student returns from any school suspension) 

  2. B.20 hours athletic service 

III. Students guilty of drug/alcohol violation must successfully complete and provide proof of attendance at a drug/alcohol seminar in order to continue to participate in Lancaster athletics. The cost of the seminar is the responsibility of the student and his/her family and not Lancaster County Public Schools. 

IV. Subsequent Violations: 

A second violation of the above policy will result in doubling the first time offense consequence. 

A third violation will result in termination from participating in any athletic program for a full calendar year beginning on the date of the 3rd violation. 

V. General Expectations 

  • Lancaster High School students are expected to attend all scheduled practices and games. The coach will meet with the athletic director to determine how specific violations of this policy will be handled. 

  • Lancaster High School students may participate in two activities during a sports season provided one activity is a team sport and one is an individual sport. Students are also allowed to participate in two academic activities. Participants in the above mentioned dual activities must meet criteria set forth by the athletic director, the high school principal and the agreement of both coaches involved. 

  • Lancaster High School students must pass and submit a completed VHSL Athletic Physical and Parental Consent Form as required by the Virginia High School League before trying out for an athletic team that requires an eligibility list. 

  • Inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated. Students who exhibit this type of behavior during a game and/or practice will be removed immediately from the game and/or practice and will not be allowed to re-enter. The coach and Athletic Director will discipline students who exhibit this type of behavior during practice. Repeated inappropriate conduct may result in action up to and including removal from the team! 

  • No student will be allowed to leave the area of an athletic event (home or away) without the approval of the coach responsible for the student. Parents are required to sign-out their child. 

  • No student will be allowed to participate in a practice session or game unless they have attended school for at least one-half day. Extenuating circumstances may be presented to the athletic director or principal.

  • All Lancaster High School students must be transported to away athletic events on buses or in cars provided by the school board. All team personnel must return to the school in the same manner. EXCEPTION: - Team personnel may ride home with their parents or the parents of another team member (with a parental permission note). The coach in charge must be notified in either case. 

  • Lancaster High School students will be responsible for uniforms and equipment issued to them and must return these items within three (3) days after the conclusion of their season. Students will be charged for missing equipment/uniforms and will not be allowed to participate in other sports until their account is paid in full. 


  1. ISS - up to one full day (1/4 game) 

  2. Multiple days of ISS - up to three (1/2 game) 

  3. Three or more days of ISS or up to three days of OSS (1 game, plus games missed while in ISS or on OSS) 

  4. Five or more days of OSS (dismissal from team) 

  5. Chronic discipline problems - cumulative totals for games missed will be kept for each sports season and a player will be dismissed from the team when his/her total reaches three games. 



ATHLETE NAME______________________________ 

Lancaster County Schools Athletic Pledge: 

By signing this pledge, the Lancaster County Schools student-athlete and his/her parent/guardian affirms they have read and fully understand and agree to comply with and adhere to all the rules, regulations, and expectations listed in the Philosophy of Lancaster County Schools Athletics. It is also understood that, if a situation arises, parents and student-athletes will meet with coaches at the appropriate time concerning the athletic policy to help insure a mutual understanding of the philosophy, conduct and eligibility expectations. 

The signatures below also indicate that we agree that the athlete will attend all practices and games in which his/her high school athletic team participates. This implies that the high school team’s activities take precedent over any club, recreational, or non-school events. (Extenuating circumstances must be brought before the coach and AD prior to the absences.) 

Injury/Danger Warning: 

The signatures on the Athletic Pledge also indicate that the student-athlete and his/her parent/guardian have been advised that participation in interscholastic practice and competition can be dangerous. Furthermore, it is understood that no amount of protective equipment will eliminate potential injury. Even under the safest and most secure conditions, some athletic activity can result in serious, and possibly fatal, injuries. If a student-athlete exhibits unusual symptoms, he or she should immediately stop playing and report these conditions to the coach, athletic trainer, and his/her parents. The student-athlete must not return to a game or practice until all symptoms are eliminated and the athlete has received medical clearance. Ignoring this warning may lead to more serious or fatal injury. Remember, anyone deciding to compete in the Lancaster County Schools Athletic Program does so with clear understanding of the risk of injury. Additional questions about such risk should be directed to the coach or athletic director prior to participation in practice or competition. 

Thank you for your support of Lancaster High School Athletics! 

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