Atlantic Broadband makes WiFi available to Public
Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Atlantic Broadband has made its WiFi network available for public use during our time of emergency.  There are multiple locations available through out Lancaster county. This service is also being done through out their service area.  Use this link to see all WiFi access.

Lancaster Locations:

4372 Irvington Rd. Rte 200 by Chesapeake DR. 

Dream Fields 1385 Irvington Rd (RT 200) Weems VA 

Irvington Farmer's Market by Steamboat Museum 156 King Carter Dr Irvington VA 

Kilmarnock #1 Pizza Hut 589 N. Main St Kilmarnock VA 22482 

Kilmarnock #2 Steve’s Ice Cream Close to 469 North Main St, Kilmarnock, VA 22482 

Kilmarnock #3 – By Northern Neck Burger Restaurant 64 Irvington Road Kilmarnock VA 22482 

Lively Oaks Restaurant --Rt 3 & Rt 201 5434 Mary Ball Rd Lively VA 22507