One Team.

One Vision.

One Goal.

This is my message to anyone who may happen to stumble upon this page!

We are a team! Students: Staff: Families.

It takes a village…… sound familiar?

I am so proud to be a part of Lancaster Middle School and am honored to serve the students and families of our county! I am proud to have my own 2 daughters enrolled at LHS and am truly proud to work directly with your child/ren here at LMS. I previously taught in the classroom for 16 years prior to entering into administration, 14 of which were at Lancaster Primary School where I developed a passion for our schools and a desire to help the kids in Lancaster. When I was offered the opportunity to become a part of Lancaster Middle School it was with pleasure because it gave me a chance to work with many of the same students I taught years earlier and have been able to work with them again throughout their middle school years. We truly have amazing kids with so much talent along with a driven and caring staff who wants nothing more than to see our students succeed. The sky is the limit for them! Together we can make anything possible for all of our children!

I believe that all kids who walk through the doors of our schools deserve the very best education and that every student has the ability to achieve their goals and be a success in every way possible. As a team, we can provide opportunities for our children to reach any goal they may venture to set. I invite and strongly encourage parents and families to engage in their child's education in all ways possible. Attending conference nights, PTA meetings, coming to school-sponsored events, reading with your child, and checking over homework and grades in PowerSchool are just a few ways to be actively engaged. If you should have questions or concerns at any time throughout the year, please contact us so we can help to bridge any communication gaps there may be. We want you to be our partners!

I ask that all parents/families do the following this school year:

  • Check grades and assignments in Powerschool weekly and discuss progress with your child. Teach them how to log in and check their own grades.
  • Email your child's teacher at least once each grading quarter to 'check in' and see if there is anything your child may need to improve upon.
  • Like us on Facebook if you have an account.
  • Talk to your child about the importance of being a good reader and working hard in school to gain their education.
  • Challenge (or require) your child to keep a book on hand that they enjoy reading.

I am excited to announce that this year every student and staff member in our school will participate in a newly added block of time each and every day which allows them to read for enjoyment, take AR tests and set personal goals for themselves in academics and behavior if necessary. If you come into the school during this time (8:20 - 8:50) you will see every person (child and adult) reading. I am asking ALL members of our school to Drop Everything And Read during this time to stress the importance of reading and literacy!

We have a great year to look forward to with many fun things added also such as 'Friday Pride,' PBIS socials/dances, the ability to earn a trip to Busch Gardens through AR, daily DEAR time and much more, but most importantly....


Together we can make a difference!

Jessica B. Davis

Principal, Lancaster Middle School


191 School Street, Kilmarnock, VA 22482 | Phone 8044625100 | Fax