Computer Lab

Touch Pad

Please keep the following in mind when using the library computers:

1.) You may not eat or drink at the computers.

2.) The library computers are to be used only for academic purposes during the school day. Games are only allowed before and after school hours.

3.) Treat the computers with respect. Please do not turn the monitors, pull on cords, or mess with the actual computer.

4.) Print only when you absolutely need to. This will help us cut down on wasting paper and ink.

5.) Keep your area clean. If you make a mess, please clean up before you leave.

6.) Always work quietly. It's okay if you need to talk to someone about an assignment, but please keep your voice down.

7.) Do not change the settings on the computer. This means no changing the background to something personal, as well as other aspects.

8.) Use the Internet safely. There are many sketchy sites out there and the last thing you want is to find one of them.

9.) Please be respectful of those working around you.

10.) Always log off. This helps you avoid someone else getting on a computer with your information.