Teachers and administrators in the Lancaster County School District realize that learning experiences are not confined to the classroom. A formal program of extracurricular activities exists in Lancaster Primary, Lancaster Middle and Lancaster High School.

Lancaster Primary School offers various remediation and enrichment opportunities. Students can participate in after-school S.O.L. Concept, cooking, drama, chorus, and Students Using Math and Science (S.U.M.S.). We also partner with The Autism Center for Excellence and host an After School Social Skills Club. Lancaster Primary School also partners with Parents with our Curriculum at Home Involving Parents and Students (C.H.I.P.S.).

Middle-school students can participate in visual arts, drama and a number of organizations that cater to students’ interest and aptitudes, including Gifted Education, Future Teachers, the Beta Club, and Odyssey of the Mind. The Middle School’s Student Council Association introduces students to the civic responsibilities of democratic leadership.

One of LCPS’s most respected extracurricular activities is its music program. Middle-school students can become members of the beginner band, concert band, symphonic band and jazz band. Lancaster High’s Red Devil band is an award-winning organization that has performed regionally and nationally.

High-school students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities as well. A number of organizations and clubs provide opportunities for service to others: The Key Club, a junior affiliate of The Kiwanis; the Leo Club, a junior affiliate of The Lions Club; and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a student-led organization that plans events to benefit the community and school and afford students the chance to gather in Christian faith and prayer. The School’s RISE Club gives students a voice in effective school wide discipline and service opportunities as well. Students who demonstrate academic ability, character, leadership skill and service to the school and community may be elected to the National Honor Society.