Throughout Lancaster County Public Schools, the educational focus is on students. We are engaged in an initiative to reform our instructional program to take advantage of current best practices in K-12 education. To enhance our work with children, we endeavor to foster professional learning communities in which teachers collaborate with each other and with administrators to share ideas that will improve student performance.

The curriculum at each LCPS school is designed to allow all students to meet the Virginia Standards of Learning. Periodic assessments determine if students are meeting those standards. Teachers are encouraged to develop a thorough understanding of what each standard means and why each is necessary for their students’ progress toward academic achievement and career readiness. Our teachers are encouraged to use multiple methods of instruction (lectures, demonstrations, group work, independent learning activities, technology-based learning experiences) to give students opportunities to learn in a way that best suits their learning styles. We place special emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, mastery of technology skills, group interaction and creativity, as these are skills that will serve students well regardless of the career they choose.

Click here for information about the Virginia Department of Education's Standards of Learning.