LPS 3-year-old Registration 

Lancaster Primary School will continue to accept applications for the 3-year-old program until 7/15/19. Applications may be picked up at LPS. Children must be 3 on or before 9/30/19, must live in Lancaster County, & must be toilet trained. Call LPS at 804.436.5100 with questions.

Third Grade DC Trip 2019

LPS Spring Fling Dance

LPS 2019 Commemoration School Presentation


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Have a great summer! See you in September!

Lancaster Primary School is a 2019 Commemoration School through American Evolution, Virginia to America 1619-2019. LPS TAG students will be completing projects that help celebrate the accomplishments of the Jamestown Establishment of 1619. The projects will help the students discover how the Jamestown settlement still influences us today. For more information check out the website: American Evolution 2019. Stay tuned for pictures of our projects!

Lancaster Primary School

36 Primary School Circle

Lancaster, VA 22503

804-462-5100 ext. 3054

FAX 804-435-0989

New Summer Hours: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Thursday

Second Grade Native American Projects 

SOL 2.3

First Grade Jamestown Settlements SOL 1.2

Unity Day Against Bullying Pictures