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Grade Change Form

Parents, if your child earned a 60-79 (D or C) for a second semester or year long course you may choose to have the letter grade replaced with a "P" for passing. It's important to note that a "P" will not impact your child's GPA in any way. Also, this option is not available for Q1, Q2, Q3, or S1 grades.

**All grade change requests must be made by June 30, 2020.**

LHS Grade Change Request Form

Update on School Closing 3/23/2020

As you are aware by the order of our Governor, Virginia schools are now closed for the remainder of the school year. The Virginia Department of Education will provide additional guidance over the next twenty-four hours in regards to graduation requirements, high school credits and continuity of learning. We mailed home packets today for your children to utilize for enrichment and practice. Additionally, we will be providing some online resources on our website for enrichment and practice as well. We realize you will have many questions. This is an unprecedented event. We will continue to develop our plan in conjunction with guidance from the U.S. Department of Education and the Virginia Department of Education to enable continuity of learning in an equitable way for all students. We will keep you posted on the plan as we move forward. Again, the safety of our children, staff, and community remains our top priority. We will continue serving meals and we will provide updates as we receive new information. Please adhere to the suggested practice of social distancing.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

LCPS Meals and Continuity of Education Update

Meals for Lancaster Children Under the Age of 18

Lancaster County Public Schools will begin meal pick-up and delivery services on Monday, March 23rd. The hours for delivery and pick up will be 9:00am - 11:00am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. (Mondays will include meals for Tuesday, Wednesdays will include meals for Thursday.) Pick-up locations will be LPS and LMS. Breakfast and lunch will be available to all Lancaster County children under the age of 18 regardless of whether or not they are a student of Lancaster County Public Schools. In order to ensure that all kids who need meals receive them, we ask that you send a text or email to request meals. Please share this information with folks in our community who may not be aware or have access.

  • Monday, March 23rd: pick-up and delivery will be begin
  • Pick-up and Delivery Requirements: Students must be present. This is mandated by the USDA and the VDOE.
  • Email or text to request meals: scarter@lcs.k12.va.us or 804.436.7176
    • Provide number of children needing meals
    • Request pick up OR delivery
    • Provide address for delivery OR determine pick up location (LPS & LMS)
    • Notify of any special dietary needs
    • Provide phone number

**If you have a need for food prior to Monday, March 23rd please text 804.436.7176 or email scarter@lcs.k12.va.us. We will have food bags available and will work with families on a case by case basis to get these to you through Friday, March 20th. Also, we are working with other community resources to assist in sharing information and ensuring that all kids have food if needed. Please use the link below for additional resources for meals from Healthy Harvest Food Bank.


**As we monitor this program over the next couple of weeks, changes to the plan may take place in order to best serve our children and community.

Continuity of Learning

You may be wondering how your student/s will continue to learn during this time. At this point, we have been given a waiver by the state for these two weeks and this absence of time in the classrooms will in no way affect student's grades. Our top priority continues to be to provide meals to our students and to keep students, staff and our community healthy. We want to allow our families to focus on their family, find solutions to childcare needs and to be able to socially distance if possible. When needed, we will certainly provide instructional resources to continue learning for our students in a way that is equitable for our rural community. Any work that will be provided will not be required or graded and will be considered independent practice. We will continue to follow directives from the VDOE to determine how to best engage our students in continued learning if the time schools are closed should be extended. Again, as the situation is changing quickly, please allow for flexibility.

School Closure Update

Given that the closure of all public and private schools was intended to provide an opportunity for social distancing as a preventative measure to ensure the safety of students, staff, and the community, Lancaster County Public Schools will use that criteria to determine all decisions moving forward. At this time, all schools will remain closed to staff and students for the entire two weeks. We will only require small groups of staff to assemble at one time to help prepare and deliver meals, prepare educational materials to ensure continuity of learning and to provide additional cleaning and disinfecting in our buildings. We are continuing to develop our plan for distributing food to our students. We will provide an update tomorrow afternoon, March 16th, on the progress of that plan. Central office will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with limited staff and we will not be taking visitors at this time. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call. Again, the safety of our students, staff, and community is our top priority. While we don’t want to overreact to this situation, we do not want to underreact either. We urge you to use this time to practice social distancing in order to help mitigate further spread and to keep your families safe. Please rest assured that we are working diligently to make plans to address the needs of our students and families. This situation has a tendency to change rapidly. We will keep you posted through email, phone calls, the LCPS website and the LCPS Facebook page with the latest developments and changes.

Again, health and safety is our top priority throughout this event.


It is the vision of Lancaster High School to provide a safe and secure environment in which students can achieve, teachers can perform in a professional manner, and staff can perform all duties necessary to be “Excellent!” We are all on the same page, headed in the same direction, with the same goal of “Learning today, leading tomorrow."


The Mission of Lancaster High School is to provide an educational atmosphere where all students can reach their full potential in a safe and supportive learning environment, and essential life skills needed to succeed in a technology-driven world. We actively integrate the support of the staff, students, parents and community.



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