Frequently Asked Questions During the Current Situation:

Changes and updates will be posted to this page as needed.

How will end of year grades be calculated?

A final report will be mailed home to all students the week of June 1st. It will have final year grades recorded. Please refer to the ‘Grading Guidelines’ for spring 2020 semester.

How do I login in to the Chromebook the school loaned us?

Please refer to the letter that went home with all Chromebook loaners. If you have any questions or need technical assistance please contact LCPS Director of Technology, Kevin Bean at kbean@lcs.k12.va.us or 804.462.510 ext. 4420.

How do I access Google Classroom to get activities for my child to practice and review skills?

Go to the ‘Continuity of Learning’ page on the LCPS website.

Choose your child’s grade level and follow the instructions. Read the Quick Start Guide first.

When I log my kid into Google why do I get an error message of ‘no email available’?

Go to Google Classroom (classroom.google.com) instead of just Google.

will seniors have a graduation ceremony?

Due to the early closure of Virginia public schools and the current restrictions ordered by the Governor, LHS will postpone their graduation ceremony to August 1, 2020.

The decision for the format of the graduation ceremony will be based on the recommendations from the Governor at that time as this is a fluid situation. In the event that the guidance changes, this plan could be altered. We plan to choose the least restrictive option of those listed below so that we can honor and recognize our graduates in the most personal way possible.

  • The first option is the one we are all hoping for - to have a traditional graduation.
  • If the first option is not a possibility, the second option will be to have multiple small graduations with limited guests, maintaining the six feet of separation.
    • For example, 10 seniors will come at a time and each senior will receive a limited number of guest tickets based on the most current restrictions. Seating will be arranged based on the then current order from the Governor and it will be live-streamed
  • If neither of the options above are possible, we will have a virtual graduation which will be live streamed. 

How much time should my kid spend on learning activities each day/week?

There is a document here with suggested times for students to spend on each content area. The key is to practice and engage their brains. This is a time to encourage children to get creative, play outside, develop hobbies, read a good book, exercise etc. Do not try to replicate the existing school day by having your child complete schoolwork all day long. The goal is to provide opportunities for students to continue to learn and grow through practice & enrichment.

How can I contact my teacher?

You can email your teacher at any time. All staff emails are on the LCPS website. You may always reach them via email. They will be sharing their ‘Virtual Office Hours’ on their Google Classroom pages (coming soon).

I cannot access the internet and/or do not have a device available to use, what can I do? 

You may request a hot spot and/or device from your child's school by completing the form for either Lancaster Primary School, Lancaster Middle School, or Lancaster High School. Devices and hotspots will remain school property but will be loaned to use at no charge while schools are not in session.

If I am requesting a device and/or hot spot using a paper copy of the form, how do I return it to the school?

You can drop it through the mail slot at the school board office or mail it to Kevin Bean, 2330 Irvington Road, Weems, Virginia 22576.

How can I get my child’s instrument or medication that is still at school?

You may request and confirm a pick up time by completing this form.

If I am an underclassman and enrolled in a credit bearing class, will I still receive the standard credit?

You will be awarded the standard credit with a ‘Pass’ as your final grade.

I need technical support signing on to a device, logging on or joining a Google Classroom page. Is there support available? 

Please contact Kevin Bean, Director of Technology, at kbean@lcs.k12.va.us

If I am an underclassman and enrolled in a class in which I needed to take the SOL to earn a verified credit, will I still be able to receive the verified credit?

A student currently enrolled in a credit-bearing course eligible for a verified credit during the 2019-2020 school year and who has received the standard unit of credit may be awarded a locally verified credit under the Emergency Guidelines for Awarding Locally Verified Credits.

What if my child was enrolled in Driver’s Ed for the spring semester? What will happen next?

Your child will be able to complete the face to face instruction via an online platform in order to earn their Driver’s Ed Certificate of Completion Certificate so that when the social distancing guidelines are lifted you will not be delayed in obtaining your license. You will be contacted with more information on how to access this instruction. At this time, the behind the wheel instruction cannot occur until safe social distancing recommendations are amended or lifted.

My child is a senior….

The 2019-2020 graduating cohort includes students scheduled to graduate in the spring or summer of 2020. The Superintendent will provide as much flexibility as is prudent and allowable by the Code of Virginia for those students currently enrolled and graduating with the 2019-2020 cohort.

The following graduation requirements can be waived based on authority granted to the Superintendent of Public Instruction per Executive Order Fifty-One (2020):

  • Students currently enrolled in a course for which they need a verified credit in order to graduate;
  • Students who have previously been awarded standard credit, but have not earned the associated verified credit;
  • Students who have not completed the student-selected test;
  • Students who are currently enrolled in or have previously completed a course leading to a CTE credential necessary for a Standard Diploma but have not yet earned the credential;
  • Students who have not completed a United States and Virginia history course*;
  • Students who have not completed a fine or performing arts or career and technical education course*;
  • Students in the second of sequential courses*;
  • Students who have not completed an economics and personal finance course*.

*Some credit-based graduation requirements are still provided for in the Code of Virginia and new instruction may be required.

*We are awaiting further guidance on these waivers.

The following graduation requirements will require action by the General Assembly in order to be waived; we are awaiting further guidance:

  • Students who have not completed training in emergency first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the use of automated external defibrillators, including hands-on practice of the skills necessary to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation; and
  • Students who have not completed a virtual course.

Students currently enrolled in a course for which standard credit is required may be awarded that credit if they were successfully completing the course as of March 13, 2020; however where necessary new instruction may be required to be completed before being awarded a credit. For students who were not passing a class at the time of the school closure, these students may be provided with opportunities to demonstrate competency so that a standard credit may be awarded for graduation.

The administrative team is currently reviewing every senior at LHS and verifying their graduation requirements are met. Parents will be contacted regarding any needed requirements.

Are there suggestions for additional online resources aside from the Google classroom pages?

Yes, we have an ‘Online Resources’ page that includes suggested sites for students to practice skills.

Will I Still Be Able to Get My Child's Yearbook?

Each school is working on their process for determining how and when yearbooks will be distributed. If you paid for a yearbook, please know that you will receive information regarding your purchase. More information will be shared with families when more definitive answers can be provided.