Lancaster County Public Schools

Continuity of Learning Plan for COVID-19

LCPS Provides Hot Spots & Devices to Increase Access!

Coming Soon: LCPS Teachers are Creating Google Classrooms to Enhance At Home Learning Opportunities!

Beginning the week of May 4th, students will be able to access Google Classroom pages and also interact with their teacher’s through ‘Virtual Office Hours.’ Hot spots and devices will be made available for those who have a need who complete the request form (LPSLMSLHS) so that every student has access to these opportunities. Devices and hotspots will remain school property but will be loaned to use at no charge while schools are not in session. These at-home learning opportunities are highly encouraged but remain optional and will in no way penalize any student. Families may use these learning activities at home to reinforce previously-taught skills and knowledge.

Each and every one of our students is a top priority during this unprecedented time and we are making every effort to find ways to continue learning opportunities that are available in an equitable way to all of our students. As our teachers are working behind the scenes to build a platform for students to continue to learn online through Google Classroom, we will continue to send learning packets via USPS for students to practice & engage. We have also created the ‘Online Resources’ link for purposeful practice sites that may be used during this time. We will send a second learning packet home to all students the week of April 20th.

Students who do not have a device to use at home or do not have access to the internet can complete a request form to borrow a Chromebook and/or be provided a hot spot, both free of charge. Please see the Quick Link to the left for optional routes to access the request form. Distribution will begin the week of May 4th.

The learning opportunities provided on this page are consistent with the SOL framework for grades K - 12. On the left side of this page are links per grade level that will take you to Google Classroom pages & many more resources (coming soon.) Our teachers are diligently working to create these Google Classroom pages and embed learning material, activities, projects and much more into them. Also on the right side of the page you will find ‘Quick Links’ that will route you to various pages.

We realize that this is a difficult time for both students and their families and our families are facing a multitude of challenges at this time. We thank you for your patience as we work to address continuity of learning, ensure that our seniors are ready to graduate and make many decisions with the best interest of students and community at the forefront.

Please take a moment to browse the "Frequently Asked Questions for Parents & Students" page for additional information. There may be additional questions and answers added as we move forward.

Please say HELLO to all of our kids from all of us at LCPS; we miss you terribly and cannot wait until we can all be back together!