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Lancaster  Middle   School

National  Junior  Beta  Club
By - Laws

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To emphasize academic success, promote good citizenship, and develop leadership qualities in students through service to the school and the community

Criteria for Selection of Members

     Beta Club sponsors will review 1st semester grades for all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders and select candidates with an average of 90% and passing all classes.  All students found eligible will then be evaluated by the administration and classroom teachers using the following criteria:

Worthy  Character

     Honest, trustworthy, dependable, responsible, cooperative

     Have a good discipline record

          -No more than three In-School Suspension Referrals for minor infractions of school rules;  none of which may be for disrespect or fighting.  Cannot have any Out-of-School Suspensions.

Commendable  Attitude

     Works well with students, teachers and other adults.   Cooperative and comes to school willing to learn, prepared for class and completes assignments on time.  Displays a positive and respectful attitude.

Willing to Help Others

     Involved in peer tutoring, school and community projects.  Volunteers for jobs to assist the club, teachers and school.  Practices random acts of kindness.

Respectful to Adults and Other Students

     Speaks politely when spoken to in and out of the classroom.  Does not talk back or argue.  Respects school property, community and country.

Polite and Courteous

     Uses manners in ways that show he/she respects others (i.e., says please, thank you, yes sir, no sir, opens doors for others); well mannered and helpful at all times.

Represents  Lancaster Middle School well in the school and Community


     Students will maintain and 90% average or better.  If a student's average falls below 90%, the student  will be placed on probation for a nine week period.  If at the end of the probationary period the grade point  average is not at 90%, the student will be dismissed from the club.

     Students are expected to maintain a referral free behavior record.  If a student receives a referral, the administration and club sponsors will review the infraction and determine whether the student will be placed on probation or dismissed from the club.  Fighting and disrespect, which result in an out-of-school suspension, will be cause for automatic dismissal from the club with no probationary period.  A student  should receive no more than three referrals during the school year regardless of the infraction.

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